GB7GF User Activated Talkgroups

These talkgroups are also available on GB7GF. They are intended to be used to give more control over the destination of your transmission and thus reduce the number of repeaters involved in a QSO allowing better use of the network resources.

They are called 'User Activated' because they only become active on GB7GF when a local user keys up using one of these talkgroups. This happens on each repeater on the network. Therefore only those repeaters involved in a QSO will be connected to the talkgroup. The talkgroup is disconnected after a short period of inactivity on the talkgroup.

Because these talkgroups only key up those repeaters involved in the QSO they may be used for longer conversations than the wide area talkgroups.

All User Activated Talkgroups are on Slot1.



119 and 129

User Activated Worldwide 1 and 2.
Available on all repeaters in the world. (eventually)
Can be used for any language.

113 and 123

User Activated English Speaking 1 and 2.
vailable on all repeaters in the English speaking world.
English Speaking Only.


User Activated UK Only
Available on all repeaters in the UK.


User Activated link to System Fusion CQ-UK


User Activated Link to Brandmeister UK


User Activated link to Hubnet UK


User Activated link to BM UK for Raynet Use


User Activated link to DV Scotland Chat


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